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Learning Center

Currently enrolling for the 2023-2024 year

We are a Learning Center for families seeking alternative education for their children. We are here to support the whole family as we choose to raise and educate our children in a respectful and honoring way. There are millions of us who are walking away from the old paradigm and giving birth to new ways, new systems, and new solutions.

  • Are you looking to send your child to a place where they can learn, grow and have community?

  • Do you want an alternative to public or private school or need homeschool support?

Rising Moon Meadows Learning Center offers full or part-time options for ages 6-16 and is located in Bellingham, WA.



Our mission is to provide education that engages the child cognitively and emotionally. We want to give children experiences that get them thinking and asking questions. We recognize and welcome the unique gifts brought by each child, encouraging independent thinking and imagination, and foster a life-long love of learning.


Our vision is to provide a place where children can thrive, learn, grow and have authentic connections. We will use a curriculum to help guide the core academic subjects while teaching children about thoughtful communication, connection to nature and themselves. With child lead learning each child will be given the chance to explore their talents in a supportive and enriching environment.


Holistic Learning

If we believe that the purpose of education is to support one in creating a good life, a life that is well-rounded, rich, fulfilling, meaningful, and successful on your own terms, then what skills and subjects are important to learn? Here is a partial and evolving list we have created:

  • Mathematics

  • English, reading, writing, languages

  • Sciences including physics and biology based on light, frequency, resonance, consciousness, medicine, science of water 

  • History, civics and law (including common law and natural law)

  • Music, arts and crafts, playful and creative expression

  • Movement, yoga, breath-work

  • Healthy lifestyle, cooking, self-care

  • Nature connection

  • Gardening, growing food, permaculture

  • Basic survival skills, wilderness first aid

  • Finances, business, entrepreneurship 

  • Project management, time management 

  • Intuition, sacred geometry, indigenous wisdom, mind mastery, resilience, consciousness, meditation


Class Size

To keep our learning center a manageable size so the children and educators can thrive and be successful, we will be limit total enrollment to 18-24 children per day.


We will have one adult educator with about 8 kids per group. 



Our program runs September through June and we have full and part-time options.


There is the option to enroll your child 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week.

Meet our team!



Lead Educator

Darci is mother of two kids and has worked in a variety of education positions in the past making full use of her AA in Early Childhood Education and BA in Education from WWU. She has worked as Lead teacher, assistant, substitute, student monitor, para educator and nanny. She is passionate about the endless learning opportunities that life provides as well as building connections with others and bringing the best out of the people she is around. She also loves exploring the Pacific Northwest as well as traveling the incredible world. She has a love for educating kids! She is friendly and warm, always checking in with people and working to create a safe and caring environment. 



Wilderness Skills

Born in New York and raised in the desert southwest of Arizona, Ryan has been fascinated by science and biology since early childhood. Prowling the wildlife mountain preserves and parks of his hometown were just the beginning of a lifelong dedication to learning everything he could about the natural world.

His passions include woodworking and crafting, birding, shelter building, fire building, outdoor cooking, and teaching. His journey into Outdoor Education began years ago volunteering as a Naturalist at Oxbow Regional Park. This experience fueled the inspiration to pursue a career in the outdoors. Ryan is an expert in outdoor skills and a Pacific Northwest Naturalist and Wildlife Tracker.


Admins to the Learning Center and co-owners of Rising Moon Meadows, Alivia and Becky are moms and friends that are passionate about creating spaces for kids and adults to connect, learn and be their authentic selves.



Alivia grew up on Orcas Island and was homeschooled all the way through high school, taking only a few classes from public school, and now is a mom of two kids. She grew up playing in the woods, being part of a homeschool community and learning how to live life to the fullest. She has a worked as a massage therapy and has a bachelors degree in Nursing. She is passionate about health, healing, and cultivating connections. 

Becky (1)_edited.jpg


Becky grew up in Bellingham and spent her time riding horses and playing soccer, and now has a masters degree in Urban Planning. As a working mom, the learning center provides community and support to educate her son. She is passionate about giving kids opportunities to flourish & connect to become their authenticate selves. 

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