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JULY 19-21, 2024
Bellingham, WA

Calling in people across all generations to gather in community to learn, play, heal, dance, connect and create our own reality! 

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Magical Beings we invite you to bring your authentic self to this weekend festival at Rising Moon Meadows.

It is truly an honor to be holding space for our amazing community to explore, play, connect, grow, reflect, and experience whatever magic is about to unfold! 

  • Family Friendly with kid activities

  • Adult workshops, music and food 

Both Saturday and Sunday are full of amazing offerings for the whole family.


Pink Sky


Sterling Rose


Experience deep release, heart-opening and clarity as you journey through altered-state breathwork. Join us in sacred circle to let go of stuck energies and emotions in the body to receive healing through the power of the breath, energy work and sound.

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The Pine Hearts


The Pine Hearts sound harnesses classic country songwriting, emotive themes of experimental folk, and the blazing-fast pickin' rhythms of traditional Appalachian bluegrass - all the while staying rooted to their rock-n-roll backgrounds. 

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Alivia & Becky

Sound Healing

Come and immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of crystal bowls, gongs and guided meditation. You will come away feeling in alignment, relaxed and more connected to your being.

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DJ Autonomous

Ecstatic Dance

With a potent sense of grace and fluidity, DJ Autonomous evokes a undulating vibe of undeniable pleasure with fresh tribal beats and vibrant global sounds.

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Ryan Johnson

Wilderness Skills

Ryan has been fascinated by science and biology since early childhood. Prowling the wildlife mountain preserves and parks of his hometown were just the beginning of a lifelong dedication to learning everything he could about the natural world.

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Kate Colibri

Cacao Ceremony

Experience the healing medicine of cacao in ceremony, honoring ancestral traditions. Kate has studied extensively with elders of the Nawak, Maya Quiché and Paqo Kuna traditions,and through their wisdom and the shamanic journey, she bridges the world of Spirit and our material plane to facilitate self-healing and spiritual expansion

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Emily Werner

Earth Connection

Emily will lead us in an Earth Connection Experience: consuming cedar & sage tea, them smudging everyone with herbs followed by a drumming experience connecting with animal helping spirits. Emily is a holistic lifestyle coach and owns Living Wild while operating the magical Secret Garden Estate in Stanwood.

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DJ  We Forgot

Ecstatic Dance

 We Forgot…(Scott) is a multi-talented singer, DJ and wellness friend whose goal is to help facilitate inner healing, discovery, and personal expansion through music sound, and ecstatic movement.

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Kori Lynn

Healing Hymns

Kori Lynn’s medicine melodies allow us to melt into beautiful imagery and expansive realities through the sound frequency of pure love. Each song has the potential to open our hearts to experience the depths of true love and leaves us feeling bliss, joy and peace in every cell of our being.

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Bryan Day

Circle of Men

Men have been gathering in circle for millennia to work on deepening connection to themselves and their truth.  Come sit in sacred circle with other men to connect, explore your inner gold and shadow on a guided visualization, and put pen to paper to bring clarity to your life mission. Come as you are. All of you is welcome.


Minta Allred


Minta guides you through a gentle, loving and sacred yoga practice.  Her genuine kind-hearted nature, enthusiasm and cheerfulness allows for the most wonderful unfoldings to take place.

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Fermentation Workshop

Join Lanni from Greener Postures and learn to preserve vegetables, grow healthy probiotics, make delicious food and have a better understanding of food safety.

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Kyleigh Rogers

Circle of Women

The messages and clarity that come through when we as women connect in divine circle are truly magical. Let's gather to connect a little bit deeper to our inner self using guided meditation and writing, and the support of one another


Derek Condit

Inner Expansion & Shungite as a Tool

Owner of Mystical Wares in Mount Vernon, Derek is a frequency perceiver: using his natural born intuition and years of self-expansion and training, Derek perceives reality through his five physical senses and his chakras allowing him to experience reality metaphysically.


Nicole Styles

Song Circle & Bokashi Workshop

Nicole is a loving homeschool mom, wife, songstress, dancer, drummer and fitness teacher. She is passionate about becoming self-sufficient and sharing her tools for stewardship with others through workshops, encouraging a local barter system, and leading song and drum circles.


Scott Thorpe

Sanskrit Mantra Workshop

Scott will be offering a special workshop on how to integrate Sanskrit mantras into one's life and the multitude of benefits mantras can bring to one's life when made a daily practice.

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Kids Zone

For the future generations we will have a kids zone with arts & crafts, field games and other fun activities. We will have different activities throughout the day. If you have something you would like to offer at the kids zone please reach out and contact us!



Buddydharma Meditation

Join Seishin for an inclusive and accessible meditation circle, grounded in their years of training in Soto Zen Buddhist lineages. We will begin with an introduction to meditation, posture, and Zen practice. 


Alicia Wang


I am continually inspired by the human body's ability to change, grow and get stronger and more fit. I believe that every BODY can be fit and any size or shape. Movement has to fit the body not the body fitting into a particular exercise. Each of us are our own greatest teachers and when we tune into that wisdom, we are able to achieve anything we set out to do!


Pineapple Productions

Breakfast & Dinner

For Saturday and Sunday we have pre-purchase tickets available for Breakfast and Dinner. Make sure to purchase your meal tickets ahead as we will only have a very limited amount available for sale the day of.  



The Rising Moon Festival will be held at Rising Moon Meadows which is located 10 minutes east of Bellingham, WA. It's an 8 acre property with a pond, meadows, developing gardens and multiple buildings, each with a special purpose.

🏕️ Camping 🏕️

  • Tent camping will be in the meadows, which is a short walk from the parking area. Bring your own wagon or we will have wagons/wheelbarrows available for you to bring your stuff down to the field to set up your tents 🌲⛺ 

  • Be prepared for the weather, bring popups if needed. 

  • No personal fires allowed. We will have a group fire area.  Camp stoves for cooking are ok and the BBQ will be available for use. 

  • There will be drinking water available.

  • Porta potties and bathrooms in the studio will be available. 

Food: For Saturday and Sunday we have pre-purchase tickets available for Breakfast and Dinner. Make sure to purchase your meal tickets ahead as we will only have a very limited amount available for sale the day of. All meals can be made Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten-free.

If your are not the camping type you are welcome to go home in the evening and sleep in your own bed and come back in the morning for all the special stuff

Guest House

We also have private rooms with a shared kitchen available for rent in our Guest House. See below for more details!


✴️ Parking is limited and you will need to purchase a parking pass if you plan on bringing a car!  Carpool if able! 


Guest House at Rising Moon Meadows

Do you want to come to the Rising Moon Festival and sleep in the comfort of your own private room? We have available 3 different rooms each with their own private bath. There is a single bedroom with 1 queen bed and bathroom with a shower and soaker tub. There is a double bedroom with 2 queen beds and a bathroom with a shower and soaker tub. And finally there is a triple bedroom with 2 sofa beds, a futon and a bathroom with a shower and washer/dryer. The Guest House has central air conditioning and each room will have access to the shared kitchen.


Single Bedroom


Double Bedroom


Single Bedroom


Double Bedroom


Single Bathroom


Double Bathroom


Triple Bedroom


Shared Kitchen


Triple Bedroom


Shared Kitchen


Triple Bathroom


Shared Kitchen

If you are interested in renting one of the rooms for the Rising Moon Festival or have any questions please email us at


Single Room

Single queen bed and private bath with shower & soaker tub. 1-2 people


Double Room

Two queen beds and private bath with shower & soaker tub. 1-4 people


Triple Room

2 sofa beds, 1 futon and private bath with shower & washer/dryer. 1-5 people

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