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Who We Are

Rising Moon Meadows

Rising Moon Meadows Ministry is a private member's association. We are cultivating a space of healing, safety and connection where people can come together as a community to learn, practice and love one another.

We are bringing our mission into being through music, healing work, movement, food, children, learning, gardens, and community connection; to bring abundance for all. We are holding the light and container for people to thrive in mind, body and spirit.

About Us

We are three friends who co-purchased this property with a vision to create something magical. Together, with each of our skill sets, we have set out to transform and give love back to the land and space. We continue to be amazed and grateful for the opportunity to be caretakers of this property.

"To live from the heart space. To love and receive love! To lead by example in the ways of loving from the heart!" - RMM

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Visionary, planner, designer, intuitive, mother, sound healer, and photographer. Becky was raised in Whatcom county and is passionate about healing and regenerative practices. Becky has a love for live music and sunshine. She is also producer and co-founder of Evergreen Flow Events.



Leader, mother, wife, healer, event organizer, talent finder, nurse, massage therapist, and gardener. Alivia grew up on Orcas Island and has called Bellingham home for her adult life. She's passionate about health and healing in body, mind and spirit, as well as curating events and connections. Alivia is also a co-founder and producer for Evergreen Flow events. 



Father, husband, handyman, operator of machines of any kind, IT, sound guy and groundskeeper. Originally from North Carolina, Javier moved to WA for his love of mountain biking. He has a wealth of practical knowledge and is an integral part of keeping the property running.

Who We Are
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